Best Vape to Quit Smoking

Vapes are electronic devices that let you inhale nicotine in a vapour instead of smoke. This is done by heating a solution (e-liquid) that typically contains propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and nicotine.

E-liquids come in different nicotine strengths, so you control how much nicotine you need to help with cravings and other withdrawal symptoms, such as feeling irritable and having low mood.

Nicotine itself is not very harmful and has been used safely for many years in medicines to help people stop smoking.

Help break the routines of smoking cigarettes

The routines and rituals of smoking can be hard to stop, so vaping can help you gradually let go of these while immediately reducing the health risks of smoking cigarettes.

Did you know?

You’re roughly twice as likely to quit smoking if you use a vape compared with other nicotine replacement products, like patches and gum.

Some people find vaping helps them because the hand-to-mouth action is like smoking, plus you get similar sensations, like throat hit (the “kick” in the back of your throat when you inhale).

Any smoking is harmful and you will only get the full benefits of vaping if you stop smoking completely. Some people manage to make a full switch very quickly, while for others it can take a bit longer.

Vaping devices and e-liquids

There are a variety of vapes including:

  • vape bars shaped like a highlighter pen (usually disposable but sometimes rechargeable and refillable with e-liquid capsules)
  • compact pod devices shaped like a flash drive or pebble (either disposable, or rechargeable and refillable with e-liquid capsules)
  • vape pens with a tank you fill with your choice of e-liquid, and a replaceable coil and rechargeable battery
  • “cigalikes” designed to look like a cigarette (either disposable, or rechargeable and refillable with e-liquid capsules)
  • customisable devices with variable power (these are more difficult to use and need more maintenance)

Which vape is best to quit smoking?

A vape bar, pod device or vape pen are good choices, as they are discreet, make small clouds and can give high amounts of nicotine. Starter kits come with a range of flavours.

It’s important to choose an e-liquid with the right strength of nicotine to satisfy your individual needs. You need to start at a nicotine level that matches your cigarette use – how frequently and how much you smoke. A specialist vape shop or your local Stop Smoking Service can advise you.

Whichever vape you choose, make sure you use it regularly.

What is the best vape juice to quit smoking?

For most smokers, the best vape juice to quit smoking is tobacco-flavored e-liquid. And if you are a menthols smoker, there are many tobacco-menthol options on the market.

The reason we suggest tobacco and menthol is obvious: the easiest way to quit is by substituting cigarettes with a vape that closely resembles the smoking sensation. But bear in mind that the average tobacco juice will not taste like a cigarette. In fact, “tobacco” has come to have a very broad meaning in vaping. Some tobacco juices don’t even contain tobacco flavorings! If the taste has a certain “dark” quality to it, people will usually name it “tobacco.”

There is one glaring exception: naturally extracted tobacco (NET). NET vape juice contains tobacco extracts, and its taste is similar to real tobacco (minus the ashy flavor of burning tobacco leaves.) Unfortunately, most NET juices are very hard on vape coils and usually require advanced rebuildable atomizers (or daily coil swaps).